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Every Day I'm Bustlin': A Wedding Planning Podcast

Aug 3, 2021

A great class of wine, paired with the perfect dish, is there anything better? No, but how do we figure out how to make that perfect pairing? Ian Cauble is one of only 269 Master Sommeliers in the world and the founder of SommSelect. From a harvest in Portugal to time spent in top restaurants, the beginning of Ian’s career helped hone the skills that would win him awards like Best Young Sommelier in the World and TOPSOMM. Today, Ian serves as the Chief Wine Officer as SommSelect, overseeing the company’s selection of world-class wines.

If you’re wondering what kind of wine to serve at your wedding, how to start your wine collection with your spouse, or how to pick the perfect wine for newlyweds, then listen up because Ian Cauble spills all the wine secrets you need to know…oops sorry, that might leave a stain. 

 In this episode you’ll hear: 

  •   How to become your own wine sommelier and build a collection as newlyweds
  •   Why wine is perfect for nearly every occasion (but especially your wedding!)
  •   How to cut costs but maintain quality when buying wine

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