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Every Day I'm Bustlin': A Wedding Planning Podcast

May 30, 2023

Intimate weddings have been gaining popularity since the onset of the pandemic. While at first they were planned out of necessity, today couples are choosing intimate weddings for many reasons. 


Today, we are joined by Diana Romo of Diana Romo Weddings to chat all things intimate weddings… and why those don’t necessarily mean lower budget. Diana fell in love with the industry in 2010 when she became a weddings & romance coordinator at a top resort in Riviera Maya. She instantly realized this is what she was put here to do. She loves helping clients create spectacular events and eliminating all the stress that can often come with it. It’s her passion to execute events flawlessly and effortlessly so it remains a one-in-a-million memory in the hearts and minds of her clients, forever. She has planned and coordinated more than 100 weddings & events, with guest counts ranging from 2 to 320.


Join us as we talk all things small intimate weddings! From budget, to destination weddings, to tips for guest experience, pros and cons – and more!


In this episode you’ll hear:


   Unique ideas for an intimate wedding

   Tips for guest experience

   Perks of a smaller guest count


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