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Every Day I'm Bustlin': A Wedding Planning Podcast

Oct 25, 2022

Designing your wedding is never a simple task. Once you have the big vision, it’s time to start planning all the smaller details – like wedding invitations. After all, your invitation is a keepsake memory from your wedding day, and so should the paper goods that surround it. 


Today Ceci Johnson of CECI NEW YORK joins us to chat about designing all the paper products for your wedding – from invitations to table numbers. Ceci Johnson has built a powerhouse atelier dedicated to a lifetime pursuit of glamourous style through design. Her impressive background in fine arts and graphic design single-handedly transformed the art of inviting and branding.

In this episode you’ll hear: 


  • Your wedding invitation is a piece of art and deserves to be created as such 
  • The value printed invitations have that digital invitations can never have 
  • Ceci’s advice on ways you can save budget on your wedding invitations  
  • Event branding; what it is and how it applies to your wedding day through paper goods


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