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Every Day I'm Bustlin': A Wedding Planning Podcast

Jan 17, 2023

It’s 2023, and while we are all about new year’s resolutions what we really get excited about is the new trends we will see this year in weddings! From midday weddings to statement aisles, 2023 weddings are going to be all about the party. And we are here for it! Today we are joined by Emily Burton to chat about all things wedding trends.


Emily Burton Designs was founded by Owner and Lead Designer Emily Burton, an internationally-recognized wedding planner, event designer, producer, and prop stylist. Emily’s aspirational, luxe designs have attracted the attention of clients nationwide, and she loves nothing more than executing a client’s unique vision flawlessly and exceeding their expectations. Today, we will dive in to all the trends you can expect to see in 2023!


In this episode you’ll hear:


  • Top 2023 Wedding Trends
  • Advice on making your ceremony & reception unique to you as a couple
  • Wedding trends that are going out of style


Links to all the things mentioned:



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